An RV Cover is just better!


Our RV Spaces are covered which helps to protect your investment.  There have been some pretty ferocious thunderstorms in the 10 months our park has been open.  And every single guest has remarked how different and wonderful it is to be protected from these storms by a metal building cover!  It makes such a difference in the comfort of RV living!  Now that winter has started to show itself here in the Big Country, the full wall to the north that protects each space is truly appreciated too!  I can sit on my little patio outside comfortably!  What a blessing!  If you’re looking for a place that is not your traditional RV Park, come check us out!

Caring for your RV

Important Things to Remember About Your Black Water Tank

Ok, so you’ve decided to park your RV at a campground for the long term.. Great!  When we decided to do this, I thought since the campground had a sewer connection, I could just leave my tank valve open and allow everything to just make it’s way down there and forget about it!  Right? Wrong! 🙂 

Here are some more things you need to know about your RV’s waster water system…

Never ever leave the dump valve for this holding tank open. This is because the water will drain away leaving a solid mess to accumulate in your tank.
The tank will fill, and your toilet will block. (Don’t do it!) Needless to say, if you do, this will be a nasty clean-up job.

Certain chemicals are sold specifically for black water tanks. They work to control odor, and break up solid matter, so as to drain easier. There is also special RV toilet paper that breaks down easier than your regular toilet paper. All this is done to try keeping your holding tank as blockage free as possible.

Remember, that lovely shiny monitor will not always work as great as it did when it was new, and may tell you you’re holding tank is only half-way full, when it’s actually close to bursting. Depending on how many people you have in the RV, set a schedule to dump the black water. It can be every other day, or once a week, whatever works.

Clean your black water tank often to prevent buildup. The easiest way to do this is to stick a garden hose in your toilet. Use as much pressure as possible. Black water holding tanks are usually immediately under the toilet, so this should work to flush the holding tank.  Or if your RV has a built in tank washing system, all the better!

When you hook your sewer hose to the ground sewer connection, many campgrounds and municipalities require you to use an odor tight connection.  This requires a special hose fitting that didn’t come in the courtesy kit supplied with your RV.  It may be a 90-degree plastic fitting that fits inside your sewer hose, or it might be a rubber donut ring that goes around the outside of the hose. 

Happy RV’ing!!

Caring for your RV

Loving our new Covered RV Space!

Your RVs is an expensive investment, and can be an essential part of your overall quality time and should be taken care of. Other than mechanical maintenance, the best way to care for your RV is with a metal RV cover. Keeping the Texas sun off the roof is going to save you money in the summer months, and a covered north wall will save on your heating bills in the winter!